Lloyd’s 60th Birthday Bash

24hr Hair-a-thon

Celebrating his 60th birthday, Lloyd embarked on a 24hr hair-a-thon & single handily raised the largest ever donation for TKF – $50,000!

An industry professional who proved age is just a number by choosing to complete a 24-hour hair-a-thon to celebrate his 60th birthday. Mr Yeoh had two goals for the challenge: to cut hair for 48 people and to raise $50,000 for the Keune Foundation, which supports families with a child who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Mr Yeoh has concurred and feels he is right on top of Cloud 9, feeling validated and acknowledged for the charity work that contributed to making our world a better place.

Llyod has given many thanks to the van der Velden family who owns the Keune Haircosmetics in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Indonesia for their kind hospitality in hosting Llyod and his partner Joanne in Sydney & presenting a ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ for the ‘24-hour Hairathon’

Lloyd feels he has climbed Mount Everest in the hairdressing world & appreciated by his peers.

About Lloyd

Llyod began hairdressing 40 years ago. A lot of his clients would come in at the end of the day and would always be worried that Lloyd would give them a bad haircut and it was really playing on his mind that as a hairdresser, the first cut and the last cut should be the exact same quality.

With a lifetime of experiences, Llyod has rubbed shoulders with Hollywood’s elite and achieved a number of accolades throughout his career. Lloyd Yeoh plans to undertake his second marathon hair-cutting challenge on March 4.